A Real Nudge

William Poundstone unravels a great example of how businesses use "nudges" to direct user (customer) behavior to make choices they otherwise might not.

"Puzzles, anchors, stars, and plowhorses; those are a few of the terms consultants now use when assembling a menu (which is as much an advertisement as anything else). “A star is a popular, high-profit item—in other words, an item for which customers are willing to pay a good deal more than it costs to make,” Poundstone explains. “A puzzle is high-profit but unpopular; a plowhorse is the opposite, popular yet unprofitable. Consultants try to turn puzzles into stars, nudge customers away from plowhorses, and convince everyone that the prices on the menu are more reasonable than they look.”

More at: http://nymag.com/restaurants/features/62498/#ixzz0ZgvsUHUB