Smaller is Better

The Netherlands is releasing a fantastic new coin soon, continuing their tradition of stellar numismatic design. Not only is the execution brilliant, but the concepts supporting the design are deep, multifaceted, and engaging. Contrast this new coin with the EU-wide currency, and its clear that a smaller country (one with a strong design tradition) can produce much better results. The manner in which The Netherlands and the winner went about the design process are also worth review, as it was open and transparent as opposed to the committee-driven EU approach. US Treasury, please take note. Big companies don't do small things well, for a number of reasons. Institutional inertia is an obvious reason, but large companies also need to worry about their image and brand in the eyes and minds of consumers, investors, and competitors. Releasing product that is unfinished or has rough edges is something small organizations can do easily because they have little to lose. But small companies can also do things better - they can devote time, energy, and bring a sense of purpose and passion to a project because they have a direct connection to the outcome and the market.