Bush as crime partner

I'd like to think I'm less prone to the lure of conspiracies, but I am a sucker for anything that exposes the vast right-wing conspiracy machine. While he correctly stepped down due to his own personal failings, Elliot Spitzer may also have been the victim of a highly politicized Judicial Department (remember the Attorney General firings?). He wrote an opinion piece in the Washington Post a month before his downfall that pinned much of the blame for the mortgage crisis on deliberate actions of the Bush administration.  When you label the Bushies "partners in crime" and detail their incursions into the mess, which clearly were meant to benefit financial corporations, you set yourself up for a big hit. Especially when they are watching you.I doubt anything will ever come of this. Everyone is too fatigued of the scandals, and Bush is still very adept at dodging these things.